by Paul Cain


As my Assistant David Kingsly was reading this book to me, we both began to feel the Presence and Anointing of the Lord. As King Agrippa said to my namesake [the Apostle Paul], “I too almost believed…” After 68 plus years in Ministry, I can remember this vision as if it were given to me yesterday. Robert has kept the Integrity and the Spirit behind the vision of the Nameless and Faceless Generation.  

No matter the devious attacks of the enemy on my life, one thing he can’t take away is this last generation of the Lord, who will be in love with their Great King. As I have had the honor of the Divine Presence resting on my life, I can say, this vision has been the cornerstone of who I am and what I believe. It has given hope to many believers, young and old, all around the world for this last great out-pouring of the Divine Spirit on all flesh.  

I pray that all who have the privilege of reading this book would catch on fire once again and finish their race well. Robert has written something here, which could change everyone’s life, if they would put themselves in the vision. I have been only the messenger of this vision. This vision is about the Body of Christ rising to her Excellence. 

And my prayer, is that God the Father will put His Son and Christ on display, the Lord Jesus would draw all men to Himself and the Holy Spirit would burn within men’s hearts as we approach the end of this age.  

Thank you Robert for taking time to wait before the Lord and your faithfulness to persevere, as you have revealed the heart of the vision of the Nameless and Faceless Generation.  

With the Love of a Father,  

Papa Paul Cain