A Generation of the Heart The Nameless and Faceless Generation:

A Vision of a Generation Marked by
Simplicity, Purity, and Manifestations of Power

By Robert K. Towery

Foreword by Paul Cain

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About the Book

The Nameless and Faceless Generation

This book is written to re-introduce a prophetic vision of an unparalleled outpouring of God’s grace on a world, resulting in salvations, signs, and wonders on a scale never seen before. It is a vision centered on the person of God the Father. It is a vision rooted in the Gospel of the Kingdom.  It is written to stir us to faith, give us practical encouragement to prepare for that season, and embrace God’s view of who He says we are. 

The Vision:

In February 1989, at the Anaheim Vineyard during a conference Paul Cain prophesied a time when athletic stadiums and arenas would be filled with God’s people preaching the gospel and healing the sick in extraordinary fashion. In his vision he saw ambulances bringing in the worst medical cases, the local hospitals being emptied to deliver their patients to these events, and the dead (dead people!) being raised by an army of nameless and faceless Christians releasing a wave of miraculous healings and conversions. This vision encompassed multiple venues over an extended period and spoke of God’s glory being released in an unprecedented manner and on a scale that had not been witnessed before.   In short, this work was not the result of men; this was the work of the Father himself!

Paul Cain recounts that in his vision the international media were reporting the amazing events as they took place. This was the news of the day: every channel, every station, and every nation. This was not an isolated Christian event, the kind that is well known and publicized in the Christian community, yet even the immediate neighbors of the event have no clue what is happening inside; rather, this was a series of events that would affect the world and the communities around the stadiums and arenas. It is a wonderful picture of an entirely possible and biblical scenario. Paul Cain declared this to a large audience who were familiar with God’s presence: but this was a vision far beyond anything even that crowd could encompass at the time. 

The Vision Declared:

 Paul Cain declared this to a large audience who were familiar with God’s presence: but this was a vision far beyond anything even that crowd could encompass at the time. 

Book Endorsements


Rick Taylor; International Healing Rooms, Director North America

 “This prophetic word was given to Paul in a dream. It was one of the most profound and important revelations of his lifetime. Like all prophetic words, we play a part in seeing its fulfillment. Paul recently gave a message at a church in Santa Maria, California, entitled, ‘The Fruit is in the Seed.’

   “He shared about how some plants die, re-seed themselves, and produce fruit. Even though this word was given to Paul in the 1980s and has seemed to “die out,” not seeing the completeness of what was prophesied, Paul’s word was, ‘It’s time to re-seed.’

   “I believe it’s time to come into agreement with this word and pray in the fulfillment. I believe Robert’s book re-seeds Paul’s vision into today, giving voice once again to this prophetic word.” 

Lou Engle; Co-founder, The Call

 “Paul Cain’s prophetic ministry over the years profoundly impacted me and helped forge my future and calling.

   “For many years, I have dreamed of seeing the fulfillment of Paul Cain’s vision of stadiums filled with nameless and faceless men and women releasing signs and wonders as part of a great worldwide outpouring of healing and salvation. In the 1990s, I was a part of a movement called Rock The Nations. From 1997–1999 we prayed that stadiums would be filled with a John the Baptist type fasting and prayer movement. The ministry of The Call was born from those prayers, and we have seen those stadiums filled. 

   “In 2011, a prophetic word was given that a shift in The Call would take place and that stadiums would be filled with a proclamation of the Gospel and that signs and wonders would take place. This word agrees with Paul Cain’s visions. Now over the last four years we have been praying that a mass awakening and Jesus movement would occur that would overflow into stadiums as Paul Cain has prophesied. I believe we are on the verge of breaking into this dimension. Wherever I go prophets are speaking a similar word indicating it is time. The word exhorts us to dream, to prepare, and to act. This book unfolds the glorious vision that Paul Cain saw. As you read you will be swept up into the dream, a dream that if believed will frame the future, and call forth a new day and a new breed of the nameless faceless revivalists of the third great awakening in America and worldwide outpourings of the Spirit.” 

Julie Meyer; Santa Maria Healing Rooms House Of Prayer

  “I was very blessed to be a part of Kansas City Fellowship in the early days and walk alongside Mike Bickle for many years, and I was a part of the service when this prophetic word from Paul Cain was released. I remember each word of this prophecy hitting my heart with a blast of encouragement, hope, and faith that continue to this day. The words that resonated in my heart were, ‘There’s no news but Good News.’

   “In a day and age when negative media is blasted to every listening ear—with reports of conflict, terror, media agendas, partial truth, and racial division—this is a timely word of the Lord. I believe this word. The timing of God is always perfect, and that Paul’s word would be released again through book form now encourages my heart all the more: revival is coming. It is man-dated to hit planet earth.

   “God is raising up a worship and prayer movement in the earth— the fragrance of joyful prayer arising with worship in every place. I believe God’s response to worship and prayer is revival. You will be greatly encouraged as you read Robert’s book and as he unwraps Paul’s prophetic word line by line. I was there when Paul brought it forth in 1989, and never in my life have I believed it a more timely word, for such a time as this.” 

Mel Tari; Author, Like a Mighty Wind

  “Standing in front of the World Trade Center, one marvels at the 1270 feet of glass, steel, and innovative architecture: the structure is breathtaking. One doesn’t give much thought to the 70-foot deep foundation, to the bedrock below, or the 400-cubic yards of concrete poured upon the bedrock as you behold the beauty of what is seen. The glory of the church is laid upon the bedrock of Jesus the Cornerstone, with the foundation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. The foundation has been laid. It is now time for the structure to rise.

   “I wholeheartedly endorse the book The Nameless and Faceless Generation by Robert Towery because it encourages each of us to be equipped and be the builders of the structure. When you do what God has designed you for, then the building will rise. What does it look like when you are the best you, the anointed you? The nameless and faceless are real people: you and I. If you are a nurse, you can bring the healing touch of God to your patients; if you are a banker, your position there provides you a platform to make a deposit of Jesus into hungry hearts; if you are a janitor, God has called you to release the cleansing blood of Jesus; if you are a homemaker, your home is your pulpit. That’s the heart of this book: each of us discovering God’s beauty in who He has created us to be. Each of us has a purpose in the Kingdom, not just the famous. We are all God’s handiwork chosen before the world began, not just the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, or teacher. If this book inspires one person to become who God intended them to be, then it was worth publishing. Why not let it be you?”